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About Lilacs
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Lilacs (syringa vulgaris) are fairly hardy plants and exist in many different varieties. People enjoy having them in their yards because the spring breezes waft their scent throughout the neighborhood. Lilac blossoms usually peak sometime in May, along with dogwood, honeysuckle, and wisteria. Regrettably, the blossoms only last a few days.

Some folks complain that their lilac bushes don't bloom. Aside from annual fertilizer feedings, lilac bushes require a lot of sun.  If you have a lilac bush and it doesn't bloom, check to see if nearby trees are casting long shadows. If so, lilac lovers will attempt to move the bush for replanting elsewhere! Lilac afficianados invest great energy in growing lilacs!

If you are considering adopting a lilac bush, the links I've provided on my "More Information" page will provide resources to help you determine which variety to plant in your location. I've also provided a link to in case you would like to purchase book about lilacs.

Also, if you are a lilac lover like myself, you may enjoy traveling to Shelburne Farms on the shores of Lake Champlain. They boast an impressive lilac collection of tens of species. It is truly a wondrous and fragrant experience to walk amongst the bushes and view the different kinds of blossoms. I highly recommend it! Shelburne Farms is located on the outskirts of Burlington, Vermont.